A slime shop where a portion of every sale is donated to a charity of your choice. Custom slimes available upon request

Galaxy Avalanche Slime - $12.00

Galaxy Avalanche Slime

Galaxy Avalanche Slime - 8oz Galaxy Avalanche Slime - 6oz

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A slime shop where a portion of every sale is donated to a charity of your choice. Custom slimes available upon request
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Our specialty slime products are made to order for fresh and best quality. Please allow the following preparation time, before we can ship out the items: White glue based slimes: 2 days Clear glue based slimes: 5 days Unfortunately, we can not offer refunds on such speicalty items after the preparation has begun. We may, however, be able to issue partial credits in certain cases, for use in subsequent purchase on our website.
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This is a nice Avalanche Slime that is mesmerizing to look at, and I call it Galaxy Avalanche Slime. As you can see in the picture, Avalanche Slime is made using 3 different colors of clear glue slime, layered on top with a 4th kind of slime that is made of white glue to give it the appearance of snow. This arrangement of 4 colors makes Avalanche slime look pretty. You can leave it like that for days, or mix it all up to get a nice glossy light purple color slime that makes the Avalanche Slime very clicky. 

Something special about Avalanche Slime:

If you leave it alone long enough the special white layer will drip into the pink, purple, and blue ombre and look like an actual avalanche. If you put the Avalanche Slime before it is mixed, in the container upside down or leanning to the side it can make cool patterns.

Care Instructions for Avalanche Slime:

If you mix the Avalanche Slime for a while, air bubbles will collect and make it harder. This is normal and happens with all clear glue based slimes. You can fix it by letting sit for a few days in the provided container so the air bubbles disappear.

This Avalanche Slime does not use Borax! Note: This item is not edible. Slime may arrive sticky due to the weather. Slime care instruction sheet and a bottle of activator is provided with your order so you can fix/maintain your slime.
Estimated Packaged weight 1.00 lbs

Price: $12.00
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Ingredients for Avalanche Slime

Ingredients for Avalanche Slime

  1. saline/contact lens solution
  2. baking soda
  3. nontoxic clear glue
  4. nontoxic white glue
  5. food coloring
  6. water

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